Customs and Conversions

Although many of the diecast vehicles I do are restorations  or straight forward code 3 re-paints there is something I love about customs and was always the same with real cars, just couldn’t leave them alone.

This section is devoted to some of the more radical projects I am doing and many will be a work in progess, updated as and when I continue with the model.

The links below will lead to projects I am doing or have completed, so do feel free to ask questions as the more you know, the more chance you have of success in doing your own, you can of course contact me if you would rather entrust the work to me.

Custom, Dinky Hudson led sled

Tanzara Pickup custom

Custom VW Beetle trailer in progress

Husky, Ford F-series custom conversion

Corgi Commer Karrier with a twist

Corgi Ford Thames pick-up project

Corgi, Chevrolet Astro 1

VW Beetle trailer project

Matchbox Dodge generator truck project

Matchbox Faun crane to Maz 537 conversion

Matchbox Faun crane to Pickford heavy mover

For something a bit different, here is what I do with scrap vehicles that are beyond renovation.

Salvaged from scrap

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