Corgi, Chevrolet Astro 1

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Some of you know I have a soft spot for concept cars so decided to pull the Chevrolet Experimental car, Astro 1 from the restoration shelf to see what I could do with it.

Picked this up about a year ago and has since been on the backburner waiting for inspiration, this is the Corgi Chevrolet Experimental car, Astro 1 No347.

I did some research on the real concept car and one thing that kept coming up was the colour scheme below.

So the first thing was the strip it to component parts, as with many Corgi cars the back lift up hood had a crimped pin though it and decided if I could get away with leaving this in place then all the better, with a few wiggles it hood came off and after playing with it and replacing it a few times I was happy I could assemble it with the pin in place once painted.

Next the caustic soda bath and then polished out all the casting marks with 500 wet and dry.

The chrome bonnet section was then stripped using Fairy power spray and dipped for about 3 hours, it then just wipes away.

To see the article on removing chrome plating from plastic Click Here

I wanted to get the red colour as near to the picture as I could, and luckily I have a good retentive memory for colour and found this one in Halfords straight away in the rack, it’s called VW Mars Red.

One thing that struck me about the real car was the red line around the screen and across the bonnet line, this was going to be tricky but do love a challenge.

So with careful masking the screen got a blast of the same red colour.

And once dry and careful tape removal we have success.

The seats and dash were then handpainted matt black after filling the holes in the seat for the absent figures, the mirrors are going black, painted carefully by hand, rather than strip the chrome I have left it so the lens part of the mirror stays chrome.

Most of the parts ready below.

And finally the unveiling of this fantastic car, really happy with it but have used the existing wheels for now  but will be making wheels to match the picture of the real car from alluminium at some point, I have my new mini lathe set up and the metal but still no cutters, plus will take me a while to get used to the machine, this will be posted under a new engineering section as well showing how I did them.

The finished car for now.

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