Custom Dinky Hudson led sled

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Every now and then I do something completely different and this Dinky Hudson is no exception, it was really done to enter a competition on a diecast rescue group forum, but I had already in mind this car should be a bit special, I loved the lines but these I now have a few of so something radical and that will get attention.

The car came my way cheaply and although complete was in a bad way.

This was one of about 10 diecast I dismantled and stripped and put aside for later I do this when I have time and saves the messy bit later on, below the car had been dismantled, the paint stripped using the caustic soda system and washed in clean water.

To see the dismantling and stripping process Click Here

I’ve been looking at the body shell for some time and thought what a nice custom this would make and after researching a bit found that most custom led sleds were ex-two door cars, this is a four door so some radical cutting is going to be required along with lots of filing, grinding and sanding.

After cutting out all the door pillars and the windscreen split screen post I carefully file and grind off all the window trims , the raised door shut lines and door handles, the casting marks were also removed along with the boot handles and badge, this alone took hours to do, and then sanded the metal.

The new ‘two door’ pillar is actually pieces of diecast metal cut from a scrap car and soldered in place, once done and a final clean up we are ready for painting.

The painting took a while as this has two coats of etch primer, four coats standard  primer to allow depth for final sanding and six coats of colour.

For more on the painting process Click Here

Assembly involved cutting black perspex glass for the windows, new Wolfrace wheels and tyres, new axles and all fitted with new rivets on the original base plate.

The silver detailing on the grill and bumpers was done with a silver paint pen.

Overall I’m really happy with it but next time I may even chop the roof!

What is a led sled?

A car, usually from the 50′s (i.e. 49/50 mercury, 49-54 chevrolet) that has had custom work done to the body. Usually peaking, chopping, skirts, lake pipes etc. that involved finishing/molding with lead – as in the days before body filler. Rapdily a lost art, leading is still practiced by a few who appreciate the longevity and other issues present with a modern filler.


  1. David Pepperdine says:

    Great model . Could you tell me where I can purchase custom wheels for dinky sized models please.

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