Husky, Ford F-series custom conversion

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This sad looking example of the Husky Ford F350 wreck truck looks past it’s best, but that to me is a challenge, can I create something from this wreck of a wreck truck?.

I found it like this years ago and has since been sitting in the scrap box, almost everything is damaged except the casting, I have a good example in my collection of the Ford F350 so something different was called for.

The crane base was only part left and once dismantled fell to bits so was discarded, the glass was in a bad way but whole as was the base plate, the front corner rivet points had broken away and so had the corner of the back bumper.

Coming up with something to turn it into took me a while and at first thought of cutting back the body and putting on a flat bed, but didn’t want to alter the casting to much.

After routing around the shed came up with a few copper plumbing fittings in 15mm and looked fine as a tank.

This was the picture that inspired this idea.

The casting did need a minimum of grinding so the tank would fit correctly at the back.

Once the paint was stripped I taped the tank in place ready for drilling fixing holes.

Firstly one at the back with a 2mm drill.

And another in the cab to fix the front end of the tank.

The hole left by the crane jib assembly was plated over with 1mm aluminium.

Once happy I riveted the tank with 2mm pop rivets underneath and in the cab.

The painting process is mentioned elsewhere, to see the whole stripping and painting process Click Here.

Because this has a copper back you must use an etch primer as otherwise it won’t stick, once done I covered with four coats of top coat, I’m using spray enamel here which with practice will give a fantastic shine without a gloss laquer coat.

The base has been stripped and sprayed with Plasticote chrome.

Even after lots of cleaning and polishing the glass still had marks but far better than it was, and with the base and wheels back on, the truck is complete.

So another diecast rescued from the scrap box, sometimes no matter how bad you think they are, something can be made from it, with time and imagination.

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