Matchbox Dodge generator truck project

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This is one of those that evolved from diecast beyond their best and started with The Matchbox Ford Thames Trader recovery truck.

What I wanted to do is use the back part so all I needed was a cab, enter the Matchbox Dodge stake truck, or whats left of it.

First I had to dissect the Thames Trader

To make the base of the Dodge fit the body, two square notches had to be cut in the body.

A few adjustments with the needle file and a prefect fit.

For the Dodge I removed the cab.

Although the Dodge is a six wheeler I cut down the base to fit the Trader body.

The Dodge wheels were too big for the Trader body so had to use the Trader wheels which are slightly smaller.

Here is the mock up.

The generator is actually a Matchbox Kingsize engine and the tool box a square electrical component from a PC board.

Now all painted and ready for assembly, I drilled a hole for an orange beacon before painting but couldn’t find any amber one’s so used a clear one and used a amber glass paint, the plasticine is just to hold it still while painting.

This amber paint is used by stained glass painters.

The orange beacon went in first followed by the original glass, to make the glass fit back tight I had to drill a hole to clear the beacon.

With those glued into place and the wheels and axles done, the cab could be fixed onto the chassis.

The body was then fitted and fixed.

All that’s left to do is some detailing to the generator and design and make some suitable decals

The decals were printed on white glossy sticker paper otherwise the yellow wouldn’t show up on clear, so I had to match the blue of the body as near as possible and cut out by hand.

Finally, the detailing and a simple decal is now done, simple but took a while due to the shape

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