Matchbox Faun Crane to Pickfords heavy mover conversion

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This conversion was based on the Matchbox Faun 8 Wheeled crane and the remains of the Matchbox heavy crane trailer usually pulled by a Scammell, this trailer has the drawbar bogie missing so of no use, the idea was inspired by my Maz 537 conversion of the Faun crane.

This conversion is pretty basic and using another spare six wheeled trailing bogie, the same as on the trailer above, I cut off all the under chassis and end and this will be fixed to the crane body, the hole in the centre need enlarging to suit the trailer drawbar end rivet post but other than that the remainder is just stripping and painting.

After a dry test that everything works, it’s time to strip and paint.

After the painting is done, reassembly with new axles and existing matching regular wheels,  some nice Pickford’s decals and a bit of painting detail and we are done.

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  1. Derek Chandler says:

    This is awesome, is it for sale?

    • Peter says:

      No sorry Derek, it’s a one off I made for my own collection out of scrap pieces I already had.

  2. Derek Chandler says:

    Everything has a price, I would happily pay $80 plus postage to the USA?

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