Salvaged from scrap

This is a new section inspired by some of our readers and boxes of scrap.

I have often mentioned when restoring or repairing diecast models, my scrap box I use for parts etc, some readers are intrigued as to what my scrap box contains, others have set me the challenge of using models in the scrap box to create something new.

One of many scrap boxes

This section will show some of what becomes of models that are no longer viable for repair, which is why this section is called, salvaged from scrap.

I don’t throw much away and in fact if I can find a use or re-use for something then I will, the following pages will show what can be done with scrap models and parts and some unique and inventive uses.

I have already posted some customs based on damaged models or with major parts missing, like the Tanzara custom pick up and the Husky F350 pick up custom, which does show you can create a new model from very little, with a bit of imagination.

Many end up restored and reside on the restoration shelves, some have bent axles, some have parts missing, almost all of these  in the picture below will be salvaged, the scrap box is for those that don’t make it on to here.

The link pages below will be works in progess, a bit like the plastic kits section and get updated as my progress with each model moves forward.

Making boats for dioramas

Using two wrecks to make one new model

Stock car racing/ Banger racing

Futuristic vehicles

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