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This is inspired by many Sci-fi movies along with the Matchbox Battle Kings and Adventure 2000 series, and again is scrap vehicles being put to a new use.

This Matchbox Cosmobile was due for scrapping, it has been badly re-painted and the glass is broken.

I have a few of these anyway so was a good candidate for a custom assault vehicle (AV) the wheels on this one are also past their best.

After dismantling I decided to add a weapon from my Warhammer 40k spares box, I have lots of Warhammer bits left over from when I sold the range so some of them will get used on these projects, these Assault vehicles have started an entire set and a story line to go with them, these will all be hand painted rather than sprayed.

The wheels were replaced with new ones and a steering wheel added to the cockpit as the original was never fitted with one.

The first of many AV’s now complete, for the next two I will be using the Matchbox beach buggies below, both with broken suspension and missing parts.

The first one, although the body is basically standard, lots of changes have taken place, the suspension had collapsed and needed repair, the glass was removed and added the big V8 engine from a Matchbox Tanzara.

Other parts vary from Airfix gun and gun ring, lights and crash bar from a motorbike and the SPG on the bonnet is actually an electrical component.

The second one is a bit more radical, the interior has been completely re-built to a two seater, using seats from a Matchbox Stretcha Fetcha and the steering wheel from a jeep, the back was cut out and lined with Plasticard to create a standing platform for the gunner.

The roof mount cannon is Warhammer 40k plus bits of welding rod bent to fit, the revolving  turret is from a fire engine.

So two more new Assult Vehicles made from scrap parts

Some of these actually took more time than a straight forward restoration, but have been fun to do, all the above are yet to be weathered and receive battle wear.

Next was a Matchbox Porsche 928, this was beyond saving mainly because the body was slighty bent, I only found this out after starting a restoration on it and trying to make the doors fit and work properly.

So it was destined to become a faster type raider vehicle.

These are not really planned but evolved as I go along, someone that saw this being made said it looks a bit ‘Mad Max’ and I have to agree, it does but I like it.

The doors were left off and have added a oil drum launcher at the rear, the side windows have been covered with metal sheeting and have given it a bit of the battle worn look, all the above are works in progress and now looking at adding screen guards of some sort.

After a lot of head scratching to what might work as a windscreen guard i came up with the version below.

This material is fantastic, you would not believe what I used, this is in fact an old head fly mask they use on horses, yes real horses, I was lucky after drawing a blank on what to use I said to my other half ” I need some fine mesh, any ideas” she has horses so the first thing she showed me was a damaged fly mask, it’s quite a stiff fabric, although it’s a bit heavier and more chunky than some of the finer meshes, it suits this application well, it’s a bit like plastic and probably have enough now for 100′s of windscreen guards.

A good moral here, never throw anything away if your a modeller.

Based on the work I have done above, I have been designing and will be building an entire fleet of vehicles for a futuristic battle, this includes scenery and figures based on or around 1:60 scale, this could be a large undertaking and could take a while.

Some of the donor vehicles we are looking at for conversion are, Matchbox Battle Kings, Adventure 2000 and the Cosmobile above has already been chosen with slight modifications, the Matchbox Porsche 928 idea is also one on the short list with slight modifications to the one above plus other present day cars and trucks, the 25mm figures we are looking at are those made by Ground Force Zero.

Most people would make or buy vehicles to fit their figures, but I’ve taken a different route and looking for figures to fit the vehicles, nothing like a challenge.

Update 29 May 2012

I have spoken to Jon at Ground Force Zero and their figures are 25mm from ground to eye level, to my scale calculations this makes them a shade over 1:70 scale or 4.35mm to the foot and will be ordering some sample figures, so for the vehicles I am working to 1:68 or 4.5mm to the foot or there abouts, it’s a well known fact that most war game figures are overscaled to allow for detail etc so before I build any vehicles I will wait until my sample figures arrive from Ground Force Zero.

Updated, June 7th

The figures have arrived from Ground Force Zero and work well as far a scale goes, they are good castings too, my only worry is the size of the bases, so these may get trimmed down in size and thickness or even removed altogether.

The eye line is 24 to 25mm without the base so work with my scaling.

I have gone for a few in armour and some street figures to see if there is a size difference, in fact they work well together.

They also work well with the vehicles I have earmarked for converting, the Matchbox Battlekings.

Ignore the headless body in the truck, must of been under a low bridge, I have three like this, must of been a weak design from Matchbox or they have all been through a hard life.

The continuation of this series can now be found Here

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