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This all started out as a bit of fun when a friend of mine was looking for an old Aston Martin as a renovation project (yes a real one) so for a joke I sent him the picture below of a Corgi Whizzwheels one I was about to scrap as the glass was missing and the door pillars was broken out.

His reply back was ” The only thing that is any good for is banger racing”

This put a new idea in my head and seen it done before but I had many cars that are past renovation because they are bent, broken or sitting in the scrap box awaiting the fate of being melted down.

So for a bit of fun and a change from detailed renovation I sorted out some of the worst wrecks and created the banger racers, including the Aston in the picture above.

All are hand painted rather than stripped and sprayed.

You could go a lot further and grind off the lights and bumpers and other detail and may do so on future bangers.

This has become a bigger project and will be subject of a future diorama and will be including transport vehicles as well.

One stage further from the banger racing cars is the stock cars, the Mercedes has been repaired using part of a cocktail stick as a windscreen pillar.

These have decals rather than hand painted numbers and the addition of nudge bars as seen on UK stock cars, unlike demolition derby where the last car running or moving is the winner, both banger racing and stock car racing  are actually a race, although contact is encouraged, sometimes to destruction.

The nudge bars were made from etched brass ladders meant for railway modellers and come in long lengths, so are easy to cut and bend with care.

If you haven’t already done so, take a look at Jabba’s diecast page here on this site, he builds banger racers too.

There are others broken diecast that have now taken a different form, see Futuristic vehicles

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