Using two wrecks to make one new model

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Although not everyone will have two wrecks, this will give you an idea of what can be achieved with old wrecked models, I tend to buy a lot of job lots although I avoid Ebay as they are usually too expensive with the postage, so I pick them up from boot sales and charity shops, one lot I bought last year was all in one box and the seller at the boot sale was trying to sell them seperately, it was nearly packing up time so I went over to them and asked how much for the whole lot, the relief they showed when I accepted their offer of £5.00 meant they didn’t have the drag them back home, I did take them home and after weighing the bag they were in had acquired 25kgs of diecast for  £5.00, my best deal yet.

Anyway 75% was savable for either restoration or become part of my collection, the rest were either beyond repair  or had major parts missing and some of them are below.

Firstly we have the Matchbox VW 1600 TL or two in fact, I’m not sure what the previous owners did to them but one had a squashed roof but otherwise good condition the other one had a good body shell but missing two of it’s spot lights.

After dismantling both cars, I thought it would be a straight forward base swop but then realised the wheels on the base with the broken spots was far better and although the narrow type Superfast wheels fit nicely on the other base.

So there you are one good car ready for the paint shop, the other parts won’t go to waste either and will be using the damaged parts for another stock car or banger racing donor.

The next car was a straight forward swop over, this is the Matchbox Mercedes 300SE, the light blue one is complete except for missing the boot lid.

After the swop over the spare parts like the doors and seats were saved as was the base plate, the body went into scrap metal for the melting pot.

So now we have two ready for painting and here they are after a custom colour re-paint.

Another one made from two completely different vehicles and from different makers came together to make a new lorry, the Horse box below was made from the remains of a Husky skip truck missing it’s boom and skip and a cut down body from an old Matchbox horsebox.

There was a lot of cutting and grinding to make this work but the result was worth it.

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