Wargames vehicle projects

For a while now, I have been tracking down and collecting suitable playworn and damage diecast vehicles that I can convert for a wargames project, the figures I will be using are from Ground Force Zero, so the vehicles must look to scale.


The figures are 25mm from ground to eye level, to my scale calculations this makes them a shade over 1:70 scale or 4.35mm to the foot, so for the vehicles I am working to 1:68 or 4.5mm to the foot or thereabouts, I have been designing and will be building an entire fleet of vehicles for a futuristic battle, this includes scenery and figures based on or around 1:60 /1:68 scale mainly based on what ‘looks ‘ right together.

The vehicles that started this off can be seen Here

Since then I have been brewing up new ideas and conversions, this article will be about these later conversions and how they were done, as with many pages here this is a work in progress and is added to regularly and as work proceeds.

So let’s look at some of the diecast models I am using.

One of the first, seen in the other article is one of the Matchbox BattleKings, The Artillery truck, K116, these are plentiful in supply on Ebay and boot sales, and best of all cheap, the usual fault is the cab gunner is missing his head, but that will be removed, seen here with a few of the GFZ figures I have..


I decided to make a simple resin back for the truck, one I can make lots of if required, this is the result.


Painted green for this picture.


My concern is it resembles a current military vehicle I have seen recently so will need some radical converted.


Next was the Matchbox BattleKings K111 Missile Launcher, again plenty around without the missiles and already have a few of these and the Dinky Shado 2, No353.


Both of these will work well with my scaling, but the Dinky one is hard to pick up cheaply in good condition, by good condition I mean with decent tracks and wheels, for some reason all the cheap one’s have either no tracks or chewed up wheels, I’m not sure why the wheels suffer so much damage but they do.

You can get the wheels and tracks as reproduction items but would cost over £14 per vehicle to replace, another idea is to replace the tracks with wheels and tyres, this will be a more cost effective solution for six plus vehicle conversions that I am planning, the chunky Matchbox wheels Matchbox used on many of the BattleKings would work well, getting enough of them could be an issue so decided I will cast my own.

To see the continuation of the Dinky Shado conversion Click Here

To see the Matchbox Battle Kings K11 conversion Click Here

Continuing with Matchbox, the next is also a BattleKings issue and also done as a civilian recovery truck, No K14/ K110.


I have converted one of these to a missile launcher  already, to see it Click Here.

Others, mainly Matchbox include;

Matchbox camper, No K27, useful rebel battle bus, hard to find, the one below is part of my collection but do have one other with broken windows.


Corgi Motorway Ambulance from the 700 series, another rebel vehicle and again cheap to pick up.


Another suitable vehicle for conversion is this Lone Star ‘Space commander vehicle, these are hard to find, I do have a full set of mint models in my collection but this is the only one ripe for conversion although will be keeping my eye out for more.


The wheels look awful so tried it with Matchbox BattleKings wheels.


The improvement is ten fold.

To see individual conversions and how they were done click on the links below.

Matchbox truck converted to missile launcher

Robogear Varan conversion

Dinky Shado conversion

Matchbox BattleKings K111 missile launcher conversion


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