Matchbox BattleKings K111 Missile Launcher conversion

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The Matchbox BattleKings missile launcher is another vehicle being converted for my wargames fleet.

This is part of the ‘Enforcers’ fleet, or govenment forces (a mix of police and military services), their vehicles are to be uniform in type and of large numbers, so I need to use something common and easy to get and parts that are plentiful, on that basis the first two I have choosen are below.


The Dinky Shado conversion is well under way and can be seen Here.

Stripping took a few applications as the paint on these seemed better attached.

Matchbox K111c

The Dinky Shado was a complex conversion whereas the Matchbox Missile Launcher is going to be much more straight forward, to start with after dismantling the parts I have filled the old radar dish hole and removed the molded tools on both sides, I could never see the point of tools on a missile launcher, besides the scale is wrong.


That is it as far as the body goes, next we can paint the colour after priming.


Like the Dinky Shado conversion this is having a wheel change and again I am using Lego wheels, the original axles were in a bad way so cut them to remove the original wheels, the replacements are 2mm brass rod.


The wheels also need adapting and as can be seen here below, showing before and after, I have inserted plastic tube and glued in place this is then drilled out to 2.2mm.


Once done and the axles are cut to length I can try the parts together.


Next is a lot of painting, the bases, wheels and missle doors are all going blue, as well as the internal parts,I’m short on missiles and if I can’t find any repro parts I will cast my own in resin.

More soon…………..

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