Matchbox missile launcher conversion

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This conversion is using one of the Matchbox BattleKings recovery trucks and as with many of these conversions, I am using a damaged example, in this case the glass is missing.

The launcher I am using is from an Airfix Robogear vehicle called the Varan, with the crane and body removed this lined up nicely in an existing slot in the casting.


Getting the final position right is important so I can raise or lower the launcher.


The casting is stripped and a few main details added such as the oil drum, metal washer for the launcher mount, and plastic window packers for the side running boards.


Once primed I fitted it up dry, to make sure everything fitted and worked.


The basic colours are, desert sand for the body,grey for the seat unit and matt black for the wheels and base.


A new windscreen was cut and fitted from flat clear plastic sheet, a steering wheel was added and re-assembled.


A bit of weathering and painted detail and the truck is done.



Now with the final weathering done below.


A second vehicle has also been created, to see more on that conversion Click Here

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