EFSI, Volvo B10M coach

by Peter
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EFSI is a diecast maker I only have a few of, mainly more obscure vehicles, this coach came from a batch of coaches and buses I bought some time ago.


Scaled at 1:87 and came in many liveries, mine is the British ‘Green Line’ bus and coach livery.


Even at this scale the side lockers open and of a good standard of detailing, based on the Volvo B10M.

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The real coaches

Designed as a successor to the Volvo B58, a large portion of B10M chassis were built in Sweden, but some were built in other countries.

The B10M was one of the best-selling chassis in the United Kingdom throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Having originally been produced only as a coach chassis, the B10M was made available as a bus, in which form it was also very popular.

Volvo B10M

For more information on the Volvo B10M coaches Click Here

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