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by Peter
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Today something a bit different, this plastic vehicle came up on Ebay a little while back, and I was intrigued by it being a Matchbox release, the listing told me it was made in 1976 and ended up picking this up for a few pounds.


The base tells me it was made in 1976 by Lesney Products Corp, based in Moonachie New Jersey USA, but made in Hong Kong.

I did some research but found little on these toys, it seems much of the Lesney products were registered in NJ including a range of toy dolls.

But these vehicles have remained a bit of a mystery.


It would of had ski’s on the roof and figures that went with it, the few pictures and little information I have found on the internet is below.

The first picture shows others in the range although as an old Ebay listing no details are available.


This picture however, shows my vehicle in different colours and complete with another larger vehicle, it looks like the smaller vehicle would fit in the back of the larger one, this picture also came from a selling website and listed as; Matchbox 1976 Lesney MAC Mobile Action Command Vehicle and still for sale at $103 if your interested Click Here


I bought my one with the sole intention of converting it for my ‘Survival Wars’ series I am working on, although as they seem to be hard to find and dare I say possibly rare, will I feel guilty converted it, no I doubt it.

Here is my one again with one of the Airfix Robogear drivers.


With a bit of adaption this could work well with my Robogear vehicles

This website shows the whole range from the Matchbox Lesney Mobile Action Command series, thanks to Mark Warden  for the link.

Matchbox Mobile Action Command 




  1. Mark Warden says:

    Hi there,
    This was definitely from the Mobile Action Command series of toys – I still have many of them including the mountain ‘Rescue Centre’ playset and the Rescue Van. The model above was the Snow Rescue Unit and believe it or not came from a design idea by my mate Justin Bowyer who was about 10 at the time. They even sent him a free one before it was released (what a show off!)

    You have probably already seen it but there is plenty of info here – http://www.mobile-action-command.de/eng/index.php?seite=startseite


    • Peter says:

      Thanks for the information Mark really useful, and no hadn’t seen that website link before Thanks.

      Love your website too great stuff

  2. James says:

    Just Wondering if you would like to sell it?

    Thanks James

    • Peter says:

      It’s rare I sell any part of my collections, but this is an odd find that doesn’t fit in with anything else I have, but everything has a price, make me an offer James, you never know I may except :)

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