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As long as there has been cars there has been a fascination for speed, and I doubt anybody reading this could actually say they have never tried or wanted to try and see how fast their own car goes!

This article is on the 1983 Lledo Land speed record cars over the years and the set contained four of these well known cars including Richard Noble’s Thrust 2.

In 1993 Lledo teamed up with Kelloggs the breakfast cereal makers and offered this set via a promotion

Firstly we have the Famous Bluebird, or at least one of them, this is based on the 1933 Bluebird and the later modification of the twin rear wheels, this got the owner and driver Sir Malcom Campbell the land speed record in Bonneville of 300mph in 1935.

The second car is the Railton Mobile special and driven by John Cobb who reclaimed the world record in 1939, in 1947 he broke his own record at just shy of 400mph.

He did achieve over 400mph and his record would stand for nearly 16 years.

Spirit of America, Sonic 1 was designed by Craig Breedlove and in 1965 broke the 600mph barrier

Richard Noble and Thrust 2 was to top even that with it’s single Rolls Royce Avon jet engine sourced from an English Electric Lightning, he topped 633.468mph in 1983.

The current record, as of the date of this article is 763.035mph , the car that did it was Thrust SCC and driven by Andy Green this is also classed as the first supersonic record.

For more on land speed record models over all years and scales visit this very informative website Click Here

The real cars

The Bluebird in action

Railton Special

Spirit of America, Sonic 1

Thrust 2, now at the Coventry Transport Museum


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