Lone Star, Foden, half cab

by Peter
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This model is another hard to find Lone Star casting unless you have very deep pockets and comes in various body options including this hopper wagon.


Issued in 1975 under the Lone Star commercials range, this is listed as number 48, sand carrier, the Foden half cab was also issued as No41 Builders supply lorry with a flat bed and load and No45 also a flat bed and listed as a pipe transporter with load, No 49 was a working tipper.


My model is mint and came as an export model in it’s original packing below, this was just stapled so was easy to remove and save the packing if ever required.


For more information on Lone Star or a copy of the book I myself use as reference go to www.lone-star-diecast-bk.com

The real trucks

The half-cab was usually seen on PSV vehicles before the development of underfloor and rear-engined buses in Britain. However Foden adopted the concept in the 1950s for their off-road dump trucks and added road legal tippers with half-cabs to their range like the 1970 24 ton gross eight-wheeler, known as the Foden S50 half cab.  Foden produced the half cab S50.. .at the request of some customers as the insurance was slightly less. (One man in cab!)


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