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One of the ranges produced by Lone Star was the ‘Highway Constructors’ and consisted of ten different models and were produced from 1977 to 1983,  in 1980 they added the Motor Scraper to the series and numbered it 1507.

The one below is believed to be 1507, all the earlier one’s had the solid black wheels as below.

Lone Star Scraper

Another from the early series of Highway Constructors is this Dumper truck No 1501 again missing the driver, most of the range of vehicles came in different colours.


Later in 1983 the series was re-named ‘Road builders’ And the road scraper , for some reason it was renumbered in 1982 to 1509.

The ‘Road Builder series were all yellow and rebranded as ‘Wimpey’ vehicles and wheel hubs were changed to include yellow hubs.

As with many of the Lone Star diecast range, these are solid chunky vehicles and built to last.

Below using the same tractor unit and from the same series as the scraper is 1504  Load Mover, you can see here the seat unit has been reversed from that of the scraper.


These are not based on any particular make or real vehicle and are more likely a generic model, the tractor part of the Motor Scraper and load mover was also used for at least two other models, 1503  Water Carrier and 1502 Road Roller, road roller pictured below.


This range was withdrawn in 1984 probably with the demise of the Lone Star brand

For more information on Lone Star or a copy of the book I myself use as reference go to www.lone-star-diecast-bk.com

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