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by Peter
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Today our article is related to a range of futuristic vehicles made by Lone Star, only four were made in this series, all using the same basic casting, the series was called Space Commanders, although I like what Geoffrey Ambridge described them as in his book, ‘The Bumper Book of Lone Star Diecast Models and Toys‘, he called them Six-wheeled Planetary Excursion Vehicles.


I now have all four and although they came with their boxes the boxes have seen better days, that said these models are rare, not only to find pictures of but to buy, in fact at this time, I know of no others.

First is number 1524 and called the fantastic name of Laser Disintegrator, the actual laser casting and mounting was used before on the ‘Modern army truck’ series back in 1957 and used as a anti aircraft gun, the casting is a nice size and design although the printed wheels let it down, these were released in 1983 and produced for just two years until 1985.

I’m intrigued by the towing eye cast in the rear and wonder if there was any plans to release trailers for these as Lone Star did with the ‘Modern army truck’ series.

The second is number 1521 and called the Solar Activator, although I’m not sure what a Solar Activator does!, this device was again used on the ‘Modern army truck’ series as a search light.

The orange tint to the glass looks  deeper shade, although this could just be the red interior making it look this way, the other two have a yellow interior.

Lastly we have number 1522, and called Galactic Scanner, with parts from the radar truck from the 1957 army trucks.

The green SC2 vehicle of this set of four, number 1523, this one has the yellow interior rather than the red I’ve seen before, it seems Lone Star may of done two variations of this set.


Others I have are variations of the above, these have different stickers attached suggesting Lone Star changed the colour of each model at least once, the number don’t match the device fitted to the back so could this be a Lone Star way of selling them off or have they been altered over the years, I’m not sure but it gives me extra variations for my collection.


The blue SC1 should be SC3 and has the correct radar dish/ Galactic Scanner and the silver SC3 should be SC1 and have the ‘Solar Activator’ interesting variations although do wonder how many are out there?

Updated 12/12 2014

Well, as they say, you live and learn, I found another colour version of the Lone Star Space Commanders, on Ebay, now added to my collection.

Lone Star SC9

These will be proudly displayed without the boxes with my collection of  Matchbox Adventure 2000 series

May be a bit obsessed with Lone Star Space Commanders, while sorting my Lone Star collection I found a few more.

Lone Star space commanders collection

Below my collection of Lone Star Space Commanders have their own display base, a moon base.


To see how the moon base was made Click Here


  1. andrew says:

    I have a set of three still in box’s lve had these for 31 years an they r still like new how much would these be worth as I was going to give them ti my grandson.

    • Peter says:

      It’s hard to say what they are worth, Lone Star collectors and diecast sci-fi collectors are out there looking for them as I have been asked if I would sell mine but that said there is a limited market for them, personally I would hold on to them for a while but at the end of the day they were meant to be played with.

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