How to do white backed decals

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As most people don’t have a printer that prints white or silver and gold, here is a way of getting around it with effective results.

For this article we are using a white backing using white waterslide paper, although a similar process could be done with gold and silver using a painted area instead of white decal paper.

Our donor vehicle for this article is a dark blue, and using one of our Guinness door decals which is black on a clear backing.

The materials required are the decals to be applied and a strip of white waterslide paper.

Firstly you will need to cut a piece of white decal paper slightly smaller than your decal.

With you base decal applied allow to dry before proceeding.

With decal stickers I tend to cut three sides leaving one to help peel the backing and also helps line up and apply the sticker.

Then apply decal and press firmly.

You can of course use white sticker paper for this but with dark colours it does tend to show a white edge, if you want gold or silver letters you can of course paint the vehicle before you apply the decal.

We can make your decals for you should you want a professional standard job done, please use the contact page if this is the case.

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