Matchbox cement truck, No19

by Peter
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During the 1970′s many of the Matchbox range went hotrod, the trucks on the other hand remained faithful to British and US truck makers with a few exceptions.


The Matchbox cement truck from 1976 doesn’t resemble a known maker, although some will say it may be based on an International truck design.

This truck was produced from 1976 until 1981, always painted in red, although different drum colours were issued including black, the glass was green and again purple has been seen, the drum rotates and tips.

But wait a minute, haven’t we seen this casting before?

In 1973 Matchbox registered a design for the following years production run, called the Badger and was released in 1974, numbered 16 and was part of the Rolamatics range.


The Badger is a three-axled radar or communications truck, sporting a radar/communications dish on its roof, as it moved the radar would turn.

Two colours were produced, Olive green in 1974 and metallic copper in 1976 and was removed from the range in 1978.

It is obvious Matchbox re-used the idea of the Badger casting for the cement mixer changing the back part of the casting and removing the winch from the front bumper.

As for a real vehicle, many years later in 2002 the military produced a vehicle called the Badger Cougar, but at the time, in the mid 70′s, not much like the Matchbox Badger existed, Matchbox forsight or designer imagination? there is a resemblance.


For more on the real  Badger Cougar, Click Here

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