Matchbox, Fiat 1500

by Peter
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The Matchbox version of the Fiat 1500 shows the family saloon with a fully loaded luggage rack and was available in turquoise blue.


It must of been a popular car Matchbox wise, as it seems that nearly every job lot I buy, this ends up being one of six different models I know will be in it.

My one above is not in mint condition but it does have the brown original luggage on top, this, like many early Matchbox  is harder to find now at a reasonable price but they are still out there.

I have a few in the workshop awaiting either renovation or a reproduction luggage rack as many seem to of been parted company with the original.

The rare red Fiat was only available in the G1 garage gift set so much harder to find in any condition


Model details

Matchbox Fiat 1500

Number, 56

Colour, blue or red

Year of release, 1965 to 1968

Country of origin, UK

International Paya

International Paya is or was a Spanish diecast company known for Matchbox copies, below is their copy of the Matchbox Fiat 1500, almost identical, missing it’s luggage rack when I got it but a Matchbox reproduction one fitted perfectly.

Paya-fiat 1500

The picture below show the Paya and the Matchbox Fiats together, showing clearly the differences in the casting.



The real car

I don’t remember the real car on our streets as such but the later Polski Fiat I do remember, in fact I drove one, this was a Polish car with Fiat running gear.

The real Fiat was produced in 1961 up to 1967 and the pictures below shows one still in use and well looked after.

For more on the real car Click Here

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