Merlin Jeep A100

by Peter
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So you never heard of Merlin diecast, no?, neither had I until a week ago, the little information I have, the company that produced them only produced two vehicles, a Jeep and a race car. Both are single-cast alloy with metal wheels. The race car has a rubber band geardrive motor and there is a jeep version with the drive too. Merlin Toys are identified by the name, description and model number inside the casting.
1947 Maserati Style Racing Car A200
1944 Willys Civilian Jeep Willys A100

The Merlin diecasts were made in north London by TAL Developments, one of a number of diecast companies that appeared in that area in the late 1940s.

I now have two of the Merlin Jeeps A100

They measure a shade over 82mm, so puts them about 1:43.

The colours would of been green on one, and likely to of been red on the other, is hard to tell as it is covered in what looks like cement, the only other picture I could find on the internet is of a blue one.

The axles will all need replacing and one axle carrier on the green one will need repair other than that, all seems good.

They will get restored and I will be starting with the red one covered in cement.

To see how the restoration went Click Here

They are quite rare in any condition and found it even harder to find a picture of the Maserati Style Racing Car but finally found some, you can see the pictures here as well as some nice pictures of the jeep.

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  1. Pier van Netten says:

    thanks for the information on the merlin jeep
    I have a red one missing back wheels with no gears or drive
    Pier van Netten

  2. James Stringer says:

    Hi Peter,
    My mother bought a Merlin Jeep for me when I was about 8 years old (I am now 72). It is red and although in quite good condition for its age, needs some attention to the paintwork which is play worn.
    Seeing the image of the one you refurbished tempts me to do the same to mine.

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