Moko diecast locomotive

by Peter
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Ok, I’m stumped, it’s not often I can’t find out the origins of a particular model but this one has stumped me.

This little locomotive came my way recently and is marked on the sides ‘Moko’ now what I do know is that Moko acted as the distributor for Lesney products who later became better known as Matchbox toys.

Who actually made this diecasting is unknown, according to the in their words this is listed as “some toys distributed by Moko from different manufacturers possibly including Lesney” so still it seems no one really knows for sure.

What research I have done shows this to be a very rare find although I paid very little for it on Ebay and have already been offered far in excess of what I paid for it, I of course declined.

The markings are inside and states ‘MOKO’ and ‘Made in England’

For more information on Moko check out this website page it also shows a picture of the locomotive along with an open wagon.

The real locomotive

Based on what looks like the GWR Class 1101 0-4-0 Tank locomotive

The GWR 1101 Class was a class of 0-4-0T side tank steam locomotives built by the Avonside Engine Company to the order of the Great Western Railway in 1926 for dock shunting. They passed into British Railways ownership in 1948 and were numbered 1101–1106. All were withdrawn in 1959–1960 and none are preserved.

The number on the Moko diecast version is then obviously just made up as the casting shows 2571

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