Timber framed cottage

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Houses and cottages are part of any street scene or layout and generally better looked after than commercial buildings and garages, but they still age.

This article is based on an old Airfix Thatched cottage I bought on Ebay some time ago and have seen many built and painted with a straw coloured thatched roof white walls and black beams, which is great if you want that ‘as new’ look but in reality timber framed buildings are made of solid oak and oak weathers from it’s warm brown colour to grey within a few years, the black you see is where someone has painted it to ‘look’ better.

The picture below shows a cottage freshly painted with a new thatched roof.

Thatch also weathers down to grey and after many years has a uniform colour.

The picture below shows the process of colour change on the roof, the beams on the wall may of been painted in the past but is now showing signs of age, this is the look I am after.

We start with the built shell of the Airfix thatched cottage and have already filled any gaps, around the roof.

I started with the walls and used some old Humbrol white matt that’s a bit thick and lumpy, the idea is to get texture to the flat wall panels as the real buildings are rarely flat, you can use household paint if you wish, I have done this for some white rendered buildings.

The window and doors are painted, but have painted the backs of the windows rather than the fronts.

A lot of Airfix buildings have a similar style window and if you look at the picture below of the Airfix shop, the first picture shows the windows in place as they should be, to me they look wrong, to heavy and to much frame, by reversing them as in the second shop picture next to it, the windows look more to scale.

The thatched roof is covered with a dark grey wash, this is made using Humbrol paint and thinners, after a few coats the cream plastic still shows through giving the effect of an aging thatched roof.

The beams on the walls have had a dark grey base coat.

This takes time to get right and after the third coat you feel you have done a real cottage.

A light grey has been added over the beams but only in part, don’t worry if you go over the edges just wipe it off, wait until dry and touch in the white if needed.

Once happy with the walls the windows and doors are fitted, in reverse as mentioned above.

A close up showing the beam colours and wall texture.

Matched up with the garage done in the previous article.  Weathered garage


That just leaves some detailing and glass for the windows, the roof needs a coat of matt varnish as it looks to shiny.

Article will be updated when next phase is complete.

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