Truck drive-thru, build and finishing

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This project is for a new diorama, based on a 1970′s truck stop, although the actual branding is still un-decided, but likely to be ‘Little Chef’ as I remember them in my youth.

I’m starting out with a HO scale, Model Power building and although strictly 1:87  scale will work just as well for 1:72 or OO railway scale.

This is a three coloured kit with the walls in brick red, the roof in grey and the remainder in white, the following can also apply to single colour kits but I will explain as I go along.

I built just the main shell before I started, the red on the roof is filler as the roof panels didn’t fit that well.

One thing I recently tried out was brickwork pointing,I know a lot of modellers shy away from this so I followed the techniques in one of my weathering books.

The idea is to paint the entire brickwork sides with a wash of paint and thinner mix, for this I used Humbrol sand and oak to get the mortar colour I wanted.

Then painted over the entire side.

Then once the paint is tacky I used kitchen roll and the same thinners I mixed with the paint colour to wipe away the raised brick faces, you can see the effect below.

This is with a few wipes and looks like new brickwork, this itself can be dulled down if you wish to look older or to darken by using dry brushing.

In this case I have used a mixture of rust and brown to just take the edge off the red plastic colour by dry brushing.

Next it’s time to do the roof.

Firstly I darkened down the roof with grey paint.

Then a few lighter coats of grey wash and some light staining around the kitchen vent.

The white facia is now glued on as well as the roof window and roof vent.

A close up of the roof vent this will get a bit more treatment once the build is complete.

All the windows, doors and other fitting came in a white plastic.

I wanted red so after removing parts I didn’t want red I decided to spray the whole lot rather than hand paint later.

Once the paint was dry I started to fit up the doors and windows.

It’s starting to look like the Little Chefs as I remember them so that is what I will do.

With a bit of research the decals are now done, these are the old Little Chef logo and dates between 1960 and 1990, so great for displaying 60′s and 70′s trucks and cars

The next stage will be making a diorama base and scenery so do come back and see how I get on.

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