Pressed Steel toys, restoration and collecting

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estoring pressed steel toys is much like real car bodywork, they rust, bend and require more work stripping them of the paint.

pressed steel 2

The good part is you can use spray cans with ease for the painting and nowadays you can match most colours in a real car body shop, many who supply custom coloured spray cans or in my case I sometimes buy the paint and use a small spot repair spraygun.

Parts are, at best non existent, but if you know your toy’s name you are more than likely to find someone some where making at least some of the parts.

Decals for Tri-ang and Marx are available but can take some searching for, I will be adding links for the major brands such as Tri-ang and Marx on what I find.

To see some of my pressed steel collection the links below will take you to the articles already on here, the section headed restorations are work in progress pages and are updated as work progresses.


Tri-ang, Junior crane truck restoration

Marx Lumar crane restoration

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Parts and decals;

For some Tri-ang parts try this website page

I also have one of the main Marx crane decals artwork, or available as a sticker decal  Click Here

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