Aston Martin DB7 refurbishment

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This project is the Maisto, Aston Martin DB7, I don’t usually do these but this came my way for nothing but still worth saving, the DB7 is a great shaped car and already have a mint condition Maisto DB7 in my collection, you can pick these up quite cheap for what they are, and are a good quaility diecast replica.

This is a 1:40 scale model, strange size as 1:43 is far more common.

Everything is intact so decided to strip it and re-paint it which to start is easy as unlike Dinky, Corgi or Matchbox which are riveted, the base is screwed on with two screws.

With many of the imported diecast the lights are coloured plastic and are fixed through holes in the bodywork and riveted over by melting the plastic at the back.

To remove these before stripping the paint, I heat up a scapel blade with a lighter then very carefully run the blade down the back of the light.

The lights then just pop out.

The same procedure is followed for the headlights.

Once stripped of the paint and the casting polished painting can begin first with a few coats of  primer.

To see the stripping and cleaning procedure Click Here

The doors have been replaced for painting to make sure both sides get done, just make sure there is no overlap on the front wing, my last coat is done with the doors only half open, it also saves trying to paint small items, a practice even harder with small Matchbox cars.

Followed by the colour, I’ve gone for a green on this one as I already had it.

Next my attention turns to the other parts, the interior and dash parts and the base are all plastic and a bit grubby so a wash in warm soapy water with a small clean paint brush is the answer here.

Once clean I leave to dry on kitchen towel, I have also washed the glass which will also be polished later.

Once everything is done and dry it’s time to re-assemble, the hardest part is re-fixing the lights, this I do by taping the lights in place and using a tiny spot of epoxy resin glue on the back.

You can only do one end at a time otherwise the glue will run so once the headlights are cured (about 10 minutes) then I up end the car and do the rear lights.

The finished result.

The wheel were fine but I did touch them up with my silver paint pens.

Shown with my other original DB7 also by Maisto

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