Audi Quattro

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No matter how bad the car is before restoring it I love the challenge of bringing an old well used car back to life, this Matchbox Audi Quattro is a later car produced in China and most people wouldn’t give it a second look and would more than likely end up in the bin, me, however, love Audi’s to start with and already have a few of these in my collection.

It’s in a pretty bad way, aside from the heavy paint loss, the wheels are worn and the glass has gone yellow.

The base plate is also painted and as with most Matchbox is fixed with a single rivet.

Everything starts with drilling out the rivets.

With the car in pieces, I can now see what I have, the suspension on these later cars is just a simple piece of spring steel and has gone rusty, the glass is also part of the headlights and the seat unit is also the rear spoiler and front grill.

The parts that need stripping and cleaning have been put to one side and will be made ready for painting, I am not going to repeat the stripping and painting process here but if you want to see how it’s done Click Here.

Once painted the glass was cleaned using a aero perspex cleaner used for aeroplane canopies and worked a treat.

The car was re-assembled and a spot of glue used to seal the rivet and base.

New wheels were fitted from another car complete with axles and there you have it another restored Matchbox car in bright yellow.

Finally with custom decals applied, the next one may well be a dark colour so have also had these decals made in white.

I never order just one set so have many spare sets of waterslide decals when I do a model, if you want some let me know on the contact page, also just about anything can be made to order in any scale including white, so do ask you never know I may have what you need.

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