Budgie Bedford TK’s

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Not all models are suitable for renovation as the damage can be too severe, one part of my collection, is the Budgie Bedford TK range, the crane truck is hard to come by, (in fact one in mint condition went for £32.00 recently) but I did find a few bad one’s, the one below has a broken casting especially the cab but the crane body and jib are fine.

It’s not often I completely scrap a diecast  but this one is beyond saving.

I also have two of the cattle trucks, the one on the left is a re-paint, not by me I bought it this way, the ramp next to it is a different colour and would assume this could be the original colour, the one on the right is the donor vehicle for the crane truck.

After taking the one on the right apart for the chassis and cab I noticed the body had both ramp mounts intact whereas the re-painted one is damaged, so will save the body for the other cattle truck.

First I need to dismantle the crane truck and on this Budgie truck there are two rivets, the front one holds on the base plate and the back one retains the body, I will be drilling out both as I am also saving the baseplate and wheels.

Once the body is off I need to prepare it for the new chassis and below you can see the rivet post, now in many cases I glue the base plates back on (see here) but with this one gluing would not be strong enough as one rivet holds the body in place.

So I take off the narrow part of the rivet then drill a 1mm hole down the centre.

For now I am not re-painting this one as I already have a dozen projects on the go so next I need to check the fit to the donor chassis.

And screw into place

It looks far more presentable than before, it does need a new hook as  there is no rush to finish it I will be trying to track down a Budgie one and if that fails a Matchbox hook may be the answer, until then this can now be displayed with my other Bedford TK’s and the remainder of the parts are stored away.

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  1. steve billiott says:

    Got some of the larger scale Corgi trucks, didn’t know about these

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