Bburago, Prima Giugiaro, restoration

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I found this last year at a car show stall and bought it along with quite a few others, since then it has sat on the shelf above my computer, I love the shape of it and although a concept car it shows what Italian designers can really do.

This is the Prima Giugiaro by Bburago, and is in 1:43 scale

Taking these apart takes time and care, although not riveted, everything is click fixed and made of plastic, the first Bburago I ever did, every clip broke.

Once done and stripped I used a copper gold metallic paint followed by clear laquer.

Once dry the re-assembly begins.

Now done it has gone back on the same shelf where it has been for the last six months, only this time with a sparkling new coat of paint.

The glass was misted up, but with a bit of hard work and some aero cockpit polish all was well, a little bit of forethought as far as detailing goes is the sides of the seat unit were painted black, if you look at the first picture of the un-restored car you can see the seat grey seat unit through the air intakes, painting them black makes for a better look in the finished model

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