Commer ice cream van restoration

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Most of the restorations are basically just repaints, either the original colours or in many cases something completely different, this Matchbox ice cream van has seen better days, other than paint loss the interior  ice cream man has not only lost his ice cream but his arm as well, the glass is frosty with age and the decals look tired.

This I decided was going to be pink, back in my younger days we had pink ice cream vans and the name of the vendor was Tonibell, so this was in mind while doing this one.

The body was stripped and re-painted pink and a new interior was sourced from another van with damaged glass and a bent casting, the glass in this one was ok and with some polishing came back as good as new, the base plate was actually ok and didn’t really need any attention.

Finished with custom made white decals.

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