Franklin Mint 1930 Duesenberg J Derham Tourster custom repaint

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This is a 1:24 scale diecast from Franklin Mint and although this scale has many parts the repaint should be straight forward

The bodywork is going to old English white, the interior maroon and the roof will be black, the internal glass screen is to be removed.

wedding car conversion1

Stripping down should of been easy as most models this size are screwed together, what made this extra hard was much of it had been glued including the door interiors, the seats and other parts, this was slow work to get to this stage and showed me even Franklin Mint use glue to assemble a model.

wedding car conversion2

The painting was straight forward.

wedding car conversion3

Re-assembly was a complete nightmare and took hours to get to this stage, getting everything back in place and glued was a task in itself, I certainly wouldn’t recommend tackling one of these unless you have experience and buckets of patience.

wedding car conversion4

The result was pleasing although hard work and time consuming.

wedding car conversion6

wedding car conversion5


  1. Chuck says:

    Any tips for removing glued parts? I have a DM crown Vic with broke door handle, I have a donor car but can’t get the broke handle off, it goes inside a recession with glue and have destroyed most of it getting it out, still not completely removed, more worried about getting donor handle off other car without destroying it too!!!

    • Peter says:

      Without know that particular model it’s hard to say, with the Duesenberg the doors had plastic linings, these I removed carefully using a sharp blade to break the glue seal, I then pushed the door handles out from the rear, again carefully it did work and as long as you have door linings should be able to do the same.


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