Majorette Renault 4 restoration

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This little Renault van was made by the French maker Majorette, it’s not a common model and didn’t cost me a lot but in a bad way, it was yellow then badly repainted by hand in blue which someone tried removing with a sharp metal object scratching the casting.

The wheels have been painted blue on one side and silver on the other, the rear glass is smashed and there is blue paint on the base and the black part of the wheels also all in all a bit of a basket case.

The base is held on by one rivet at the front and a tag at the back which is also the rear number plate.

Once the single rivet is drilled out we can see what we have, one nice detail is the glass unit also is the headlights and is intact except for the rear glass, this will be cut off later.

The wheels are painted black ready for a fresh coat of silver as I didn’t have any spares for Majorettes.

The body casting was stripped and buffed with a brass wheel to remove most of the scratches cause by a previous owner.

With the wheels re-painted, the glass unit cut down and the body sprayed with a nice powder blue we are ready for the last few details.

New rear glass was cut from a clear piece of plastic and glued into place.

And just for good measure the rear number plate was painted matt black as it is easier now than when assembled.

After a few extra details added the Renault 4 van is now complete.

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  1. Edwin says:

    What a nice restauration.. love the colour you gave it. With the further detailing it now looks awesome.

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