Matchbox Daimlar ambulance restored

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This little Matchbox Daimler ambulance was in a bad way, badly re-painted and rusty and seized axles, it needed some attention.

This is No14b, 14a was much smaller.

Even the baseplate has lost it’s paint.

There is only one rivet holding this together at the front, the back has a tag that slots into the rear of the body.

The inside was caked in dirt and muck and the baseplate was soaked to see if I could release the axles.

The body stripped and primed was ready for paint.

The baseplate was repainted and finally had new axles fitted with the original wheels.

Then once painted the baseplate was fitted back in place with a small blob of epoxy resin glue.

The final colour was Oxford green, it took me four attempts to find a green I liked on this model, the decal I made on white sticky photo paper.

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