Matchbox K6 pick-up truck repair

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Sometimes you need  to repair something without having to change the main model, the K6 pickup below is the subject of this article, this I have had a few years and picked up for very little, it’s in what I would say is near mint condition but missing one of the crane jibs.

Recently another came my way, with two good crane jibs but bad paint work and scratched glass, my task was to make one good crane truck from the two, both were cheap buys.

As I haven’t done one of these before I have to try to work out how it is put together and see if I can repair the first one without more work than absolutely necessary as I want to keep it as near original as possible.

The black casting seems to be one piece but logic tells me it can’t be if the jibs have top and bottom pins, but without dismantling one of them I am not going to know.

The one with the playworn paint becomes the donor and has the base rivets drilled out.

Further inspection shows the black diecast part is in two and has two rivets holding it together, below shows these drilled out.

After removal the crane jibs are easy to remove.

Out of interest the pick-up is the same casting as the  motorbike transporter so may become a future project as a useful pick-up.

Meanwhile I re-fit the crane jibs to the casting and fit back through the body, I use a two pack adhesive to glue back together rather than drilling and screwing, it’s strong and not had any failures this way.

After about ten minutes the vehicle is re-assembled and the base plate is re-fixed with the same adhesive.

And there you have it, a near mint and complete K6 Matchbox pick-up tow truck for less than £5.

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