Matchbox MG 1100 restoration

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This  Matchbox MG 1100 was put in for restoration when I upgraded my green MG last year, the basic car is sound but something has been spilt on it and ruined the paint and the headlight area.

The base is fixed with one rivet at the front and a tab locator and the rear, once the rivet is drilled out the base plate comes away easily.

This is the earlier model with regular wheels but Matchbox has fitted a simple suspension system but rather than fixed to the base, it is fixed to the seat unit.

The base plate is good enough to leave the wheels and axles in place and just needs cleaning around the front and buffing up with a small brass wheel brush on the Dremel drill.

The glass unit is riveted in the roof and care must be taken when drilling this out otherwise you could end up going through the roof with the drill tip.

With the the bodyshell stripped, it is ready for stripping and painting.

Priming I usually do in batches and in this case two models were primed at the same time.

The finish colour I chose was dark red, I already have the regular wheels green version and the Superfast Metallic blue version so a colour that suits the car was the choice.

Once dry the car seats and glass is cleaned and re-assembled.

Now a third MG enters my collection, to see my other MG 1100′s Click Here


  1. james johnson says:

    Hi great job you do and thanks what kind of paint do you use THANKS

    • Peter says:

      Hi, as a rule I usually use car spray paint, some are better than others, and although a bit more expensive Halfords sprays have a finer spray and are ideal for the smaller models

  2. Albert braid says:

    Hi, that mg looks superb, I just about finished restoring mine. I painted the seats, driver and dog as well. Unfortunately I can’t find a new window anywhere as mine is scratched.

    • Peter says:

      You can remove most minor scratches using either an aero polish or even toothpaste to polish them out

  3. Eric E. Otte says:

    Very nice! I purchased my own #64 MG 1100 yesterday. It’s been calling to me for some time now from the antique store my wife and I frequent. I brought her home for US$9.00. I plan to document the restoration much in the way you have done, and hope to send you a link to the results when I am finished. Might take 3-4 months, as my projects have a waiting list, too.

  4. Tito says:

    What are the clips holding for paint? Would love to use them in my own projects.

  5. Geoff SAUNDERS says:

    hi ,

    I too have done a restoration on a Matchbox M.G.110 ( Artic White )
    but I want to change the Car to a MORRIS 1100 (My 1st Car)

    If only someone would produce a MORRIS 1100 front Casting (even a chrome plastic would be ok )

    cheery “diecast ” mumbas !


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