Quick Fix #5

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Sometimes I have models that although could do with a total restoration I either don’t have the time or as most of these ‘Quick Fix’ I just want to fix or improve the model for the time being.

This Crescent mobile crane truck is hard to find complete but a common issue is a broken or bent crane jib as it is only made from thin pressed steel plate (tinplate) I finally found one in complete condition but had a bent jib but as it was a reasonable price I bought it.

You can see the damage to the jib in the following three pictures.




To fix this will take about ten minutes, longer if it’s something your not used to doing.

Firstly you will need to cut a small piece of wood that fit tightly inside the bottom of the crane jib.


The bottom piece of wood is what I used the top piece was thinner and I used this to straighten the jib slightly to get the big piece in.


The piece of wood seen fitted, note the crane string is removed to one side as this will get in the way of reforming the metal.

Using a small metal hammer and a small anvil, if you don’t have a small anvil, the side of a lump hammer will work just as well, this can now be knocked carefully back into shape, it’s worth mentioning at this point that you will lose some of the paint while doing this.

After a few minutes it is starting to look reasonable.


I could of gone further but this is good enough for display.


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