Removing Chrome from plastic parts

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Most later Corgi Toys and many Matchbox Lesney and Husky, had the plastic parts chromed, over time it wears off and is very expensive to have re-done, if your restoring any vehicle with the old chrome, it can spoil the finished restoration, but there is an alternative.

This article shows you how.

The chrome has seen better days on this Corgi Mercedes Pullman and hard to renovate, the best thing I can do is strip the old finish and re-paint with a chrome spray.

For this I use Fairy Power spray, but a word of warning, make sure you use gloves while handling this stuff it not a lightweight.

Available in most UK supermarkets.

The part is bathed in the Power Spray for an hour.

Then wearing gloves and an old toothbrush, I removed the finish easily.

Once done it’s washed under running water then I dried it off and set it up for spraying, I use Plasticote Chrome spray for this and gives a fantastic finish.

Plasticote chrome can take a while to dry, so after painting I will put it somewhere warm and leave for a few days to fully dry out.

Once fully dry it just needs replacing on the vehicle.

So there you go, any question are as always welcomed.


  1. John Mitchell says:

    My first attempt at renovation .Very helpful advice. Easy to follow Step by step approach building up your confidence to do a good job .Very supportive with help on computer as well as borrowing a similar model to the one I am repairing to make sure of correct parts . An experienced Diecast repairer willing to share his knowledge to help others . Thank you Peter .

  2. P W R says:

    Wow it can remove chrome paint, may also explain how it gets my dishes to clean. :)

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