Removing Corgi diecast wheels

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Many of the axles on older diecast models are peened over at the ends but one exception is the older Corgi toys diecast with metal smooth hubs, now before I go on I can’t say that ALL are the same but everyone I have done so far the following article will suffice, these were generally fitted to Corgi toys between 1956 to around 1966.

This Corgi trailer below has a bent axle so firstly we need to remove it.

The axles have splines on the end and can be pushed out with little effort.

Using either a small vice or a sound surface with a gap, hold the body with the axle in the gap making sure the diecast section and the wheel is supported, protect the piece if the vice has rough jaws using a piece of card as in the picture.

With a small flat ended punch lightly tap the axle end and it will move downwards, making sure you have something below to catch it the axle and lower wheel will fall out.

To remove the second wheel reverse the axle and repeat.

Below clearly shows the splines on the axle ends.

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