Saico BMW repair

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This BMW M3 GTR came my way because it was broken, a friend of mine had it on the mantle piece for years when his cat decided to push it off.

It’s not an expensive model but he gave it to my thinking I may be able to use the wheels or other parts for something else.

The damage wasn’t that bad but being a lesser known make the parts would be impossible to find, the spoiler had broken one side and part of the grill was missing.

I’m glad it was black so matching the repaired spoiler was easy, the repair was done with resin cast from the intact side and sprayed black.

The missing grill piece was carved from a piece of plastic and painted silver and glued into place, a clean up and polish and there you are, this car has now gone to a new owner. (see BMW Collection)


  1. Tim says:

    Nice repair job, very hard to spot if not impossible

  2. Matt says:

    Nice model you have there. Do you know when it was manufactured? I’ve owned a standard E46 M3 for nearly the last two years now so when I found this buried under a massive pile(s) of scale cars I collected as a very small child over the years I was more than ecstatic. You said the damage was very hard to fix; mine is missing the driver side door handle, is that a lost cause for a fix at this point?

    • Peter says:

      Nothing is ever a lost cause, it’s a case of finding something that will work as a replacement, many a time I’ve used things you would never normally use.

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