Quick Fix #1

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A lot of small repairs can make a world of difference to a model that is otherwise quite good condition, some time ago I did an article on the Stretcha Fetcha and the third picture shows a nice looking model.

It’s not mint or perfect but it does have the red baseplate and is original, the down side is the back opening door is missing.

Now I have dozens of wrecks I keep for spares and after going through one of the boxes found an old wreck of a Stretcha Fetcha and it had the back door still intact.

It doesn’t have much else going for it, the glass is cracked all round, the suspension has collapsed and the paint and decals are bad, so decided to take it apart and rescue the door.

After drilling out the rivet and taking it apart I replaced the glass into position, you can see below (arrowed) the notch where the door sat, there is one both sides and the only thing holding in the door is the glass itself.

On this basis I decided to try fitting the door without drilling out the red base plate and install the door from the rear, there is no doubt it would of been installed when it was put together but if I can get away with not drilling out the other vehicle then so much better.

I cleaned the door with hot soapy water and dried off then slowly eased the door into one side of the new vehicle and slowly the second side, being plastic there is a  danger of it snapping but when I heard the click I knew it was in.

I opened and closed it a few times to make sure it was seated correctly, and there you have it and now complete red baseplate Stretcha Fetcha without having to drill out the rivet.

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