Tri-ang, Spot-On, fiat Multipla restoration

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This is the second Tri-ang Spot-On diecast I have restored and are slightly different to other makes, the first was the Meadows Frisky Sport, this one is another odd looking vehicle, the Fiat Multipla.

It was badly hand painted even on the glass so was obvious it had to be done, the paint was stripped and the original colour was found to be  light blue, but as the only one of these I have seen was on a classic car TV show in off white decided I was going to do the off white colour scheme.

The glass took a lot of work to get this clean but worth the effort.

The number plates I made again as all Spot-On diecast had them originally plus minimal detailing as the original.

The steering wheel looks at an odd angle but that’s how they were, the Meadows Frisky looks too big as well. another thing I have noticed with the Spot on range so far is the glass distorts probably with age and can be hard to get back as it should be, this one went back reasonably well but the Meadows Frisky can be seen to be out of shape in the picture of the rear shot.

The seats are fitted to the base plate by way of diecast pins on the base and again this is common to both of the models I have so may well be a common Tri-ang way of doing this and a good idea, this Fiat also has the later type wheels whereas the Meadows Frisky has the earlier type.

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