Scale figures & wargames

I decided that figures and wargames should have their own section so have created a group of pages here.

Figures have long been a part of my collections mainly 1:76 or OO railway scale for my dioramas, I have since added 1:32 scale figures from Britains, Scalextric, Lone Star and other makers but yet to start with O gauge or 1:43 scale.

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No diorama is complete without people and although my main focus remains on the vehicles, with the addition on people, scenery and buildings a good picture can become great.

Over the last year I have been looking at creating futuristic scenes with vehicles and have obviously looked at a lot of the figures and scales and have since got taken by some of the Warhammer, Ground Force Zero, The Wargames Foundry among others.

Below are some of the pages I have created using my own figures and will add to them regularly.

Futuristic Robo Gear figures

Orc’s and Goblins

Knights & castles

1:32 & 1:35 scale figures

1:21 scale Dr Who figures, Eaglemoss

1:20-1:21 medieval and mythical

Action figures

I will be very honest here and say I have never painted any figures whatsoever but have decided to take the plunge and go for it, for years I have used Humbrol type enamels on models of vehicles and buildings and most of what I do now is sprayed or airbrushed so could be a steep learning curve to deal with small scale people, so to that end I have just bought my first lot of wargames paints from the Citadel range, well 77 of them, there are quite a few duplicates so will sell them off on Ebay leaving me with a set of about 50.

I picked these up for about half of the normal price on Ebay, all new but old stock so now I have committed myself to paint at least some of my miniatures.

One of the best books I found on the subject was Kevin Dallimore’s Painting and modelling guide

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