1:21 scale, Eaglemoss, Doctor Who figures

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Now I wasn’t going to get this set but when I saw issue 3 in WH Smiths, it was the Cyberman, there are two DW characters I really like, one is the Daleks and secondly the Cybermen, so I had to get one, I will be keeping an eye out what else they issue.

This is the Cyberman issue three of the collection, this is, according to the accompanying magazine the Cyber controller, so no doubt other Cybermen will be part of this collection at some point.

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The second in this collection I have gone for is issue 5, The Silurian



Issue 6,  is the Dalek probably the most iconic alien machine/robot ever designed, see our special feature Click Here


I will put more here if I get any of the others.

If you want your own figurines and have missed the beginning of this DW collection click on the link below to get yours now.


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