De-basing the Eaglemoss Cyberman

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There is only one thing I don’t like about many figures, is the bases, on smaller scale figures I cut them away and replace them with 1mm clear plastic sheet but more on this later, with such a big figure as the 1:21 scale Cyberman, the big resin cast base needs to go.

By removing the base, firstly it will look more realistic and secondly I can use it in a diorama of my own making.


Now before I start, a bit of health and safety, these figures are made of some form of resin and the dust can cause problems, so for safety sake please use a mask while cutting this material.

The first job is to cut away the sides close up to the feet, this I done with a small hacksaw carefully as not to mark the figure, this will help me get the Dremel up close to cut away the figure from the base.


Next is to cut away the main base, if you notice in the picture below, the cut is actually in the base leaving 100% of the feet intact, it doesn’t matter if you leave more on the figure as it can be filed down by hand.


The figure is a bit front end heavy but will stand up with a small bit of tacky putty under the foot.


Next I have pinched an idea from the Robogear figures of adding a pin to one of the feet so they can be mounted.

To do this I made a small template of inch thick wood marking around the feet and for accuracy marked a cross where I wanted the pin to be.


In the workshop I found some brass welding rods that would suit the job of the pin and they measured up as 2.37mm with the digital Vernier gauge so a 2.5mm drill bit will be ideal.


For this I used a pillar drill, again for super accuracy, if you don’t get this right the drill will go in at an angle and the figure won’t stand up straight or worse the drill will come out the side of the leg.


At the same time I drilled the new display base for mounting two Cybermen, one looks daunting two is menacing, the base I already had made for something else but will do for now.


Using my template guide and the same drill bit in a cordless drill, I drilled into the foot of the figure a full 10mm


The rod fits nice and snug.


After cutting the rods and fitting both Cybermen to the base here is the finished result.


The best part is they are easy to remove and can be mounted on any scene or diorama just by drilling a 2.5mm hole where you want them.

With a little bit of imagination, some scenery props and a bit of clever lighting you can do great scenes.



Or even a little help with Paintshop




  1. Paul says:

    Brilliant, I actually found your setup pictures on Google images and was convinced they were movie stills, amazing what can be done with the models, all I have to do now is get some

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