1:32 and 1:35 scale figures

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Most of my 1:32 scale figures are medieval knights and can be seen on the Knights and Castles page, but a few others I have are worth listing here.

The first ones are  from the 1960′s and were part of the Scalextric range so are a true 1:32 scale


These I have had for years, one has had a new stick fitted, must of got broken, I used 1mm hard wire for this.

They used to come unpainted like this although later Scalextric figures are fully painted.

Next is one of the farm sets from Britians


These are a newer issue, in fact I have only had these a year or so, you may of seen this Gent before getting out of my restored Corgi Rover Sd1

The bases tell me they are from 1986 and made in China, these are 1:32 scale.

Two more 1:32 scale from the 1950′s or 1960′s, the one on the left is Little John from Crescent and the one on the right is from the Lone Star Harvey series.


Recently acquired, Britians Deetail, Native Americans with diecast bases.


See also 1/32 scale horses

Lastly and a slightly different scale is this 1:35 scale German soldier, I have a few of these yet to be painted this is the only one done and based although not by me.


1:35 scale seem to be popular with military modellers although do look a bit on the small side to go with 1:32, if your really like your military models and soldiers the best website around is www.toysoldiersclub.com/ and had far more information than I can give you here.

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