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The Castle of Doom figures below are made as pre-school toys by ELC (Early  Learning Centre) but as I have never seen them before decided to buy a job lot on Ebay and only cost me £5 including postage, so was worth a risk.

Boy am I glad I did.

My first thought when I got them was quality and I have to admit the detailing and figure representation is brilliant, for toys they are excellent quality.

The next thing was to scale them, they work out 88mm so make them close to 1:21 scale, I really am not disappointed these will be used in a large scale diorama and in fact will work well with the Eaglemoss Dr Who figurines (should be an interesting picture).

Here is my first job lot and have bid on and ordered more.


Three medieval figures, one firing a crossbow, these have been played with so the paint will need touching up, as yet I have no names or numbers but will research the ELC range and add to this article.


Something different, a falconer and cook again great figures.


Finally a knight on horseback, the lance has been chewed but easy enough to make another, after all this was a very cheap job lot,  the knight is easy to remove and the detailing again is spot on, I love the way they all stand without bases and are well balanced, all in all well worth what I paid.

Ebay is a good source, although some go for a fair bit of money, still worth if  it completes the series, but remember used toys may not all be prefect.

The range includes all kinds of knights,  monsters and even siege machines and may even still be available new at an ELC shop near you.

Updated; The second batch

I’ve been busy trying to acquire more of the ELC Castle of Doom figures, and surprised how much some of them go for on Ebay, obviously a few collectors out there for these or parents willing to pay good money to keep little Johnny happy.

I do have some so will list these here next.

The first one is from a set called Monsters of Darkness and wielding a club


Next we have a few wizards for good measure.


Lastly today we have the siege machine, by far my favourite so far, as you can see from the picture the 90mm knight shows how big this machine is, it is made of plastic so very light but the detail for a toy is great and comes with boulders as well.


Further research shows this range is massive and sought after making it all the more reason for me to acquire more.

Below, more ELC archers.


It seems that two other makers have figures of this size, both Papo and Schleich that fit in with the ELC figures, as a comparasion I acquired a few of these and are shown below.

Firstly the maker Papo, these are very similar to the ELC figure although scale slightly smaller at 1:22 scale (Foot to head 85mm) and detailing far better.


This mounted knight also from Papo, a stunning figure.


Schleich, are slightly bigger at 90mm so nearer 1:20 scale but all work well together, Schleich are by far a better looking figure with far more detail than ELC figure, the one on the right below was bought brand new and called ‘Dragon knight with crossbow’ and numbered 70104.


Shame about the base but guess there will be some that require this for stability.

Although not strictly medieval, the following two figures in the picture are also Papo, they are called French Musketeer and Cardinal’s Guard, a fighting pair.


The one in the green tunic (Musketeer) was issued in 2001 and the guard in 2002.



Keep an eye out for more as they arrive.

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