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You may of already noticed the backdrop behind the Knights on the previous page which is something I ‘knocked’ up just for the pictures and carved from a dense construction foam insulation and coffee stirring sticks for the door, this page will start to look at other options of ready made and easy made scenery and buildings.

Plastic ready made castle

One thing I have been after is a plastic castle to use as a backdrop and one finally came my way, this is the Britains Knights castle and not easy to get hold of now, they do come up on Ebay and this one did about two weeks ago and although marked with a Hamleys toy shop label at £39.99, I managed to secure it for just over £12.00 with the postage, I didn’t want to pay a lot for one as I will be dissecting it as a backdrop for my knights collection, this one was incomplete and missing the knights and banners but they were of no importance to me.

The box shows it can be assembled as one big castle or as two smaller one, no doubt for opposing forces, the size shown for the bigger castle is shown as 470mm which is in fact wrong and once assembled measures up and 640mm in length.

What I has was eight towers, two working drawbridge door sections and six wall section along with the standing platforms for inside of the battlements.

I decided I didn’t have room on my model desk to assemble so decamped to the garden.

The set up I preferred was the first picture this gives a long wall as a backdrop and with the back piece the view through the door would be better too.

I like the way you can double up the walls between two of the towers.

So tried that as a backdrop.

The next picture shows it with one of the Britains 1:32 scale knights and tends to make the castle look to small.

There are too many holes and windows for my liking and may change that and the rear of the battlements are hollow, after all it is meant as a toy,  so again an alteration may be in order here too, some of the grey plastic has dis-coloured and again a new paint job will be needed but overall a worth while purchase and will be having hours of fun setting up what will be the final backdrop and layout, although made by Britains for 1:32 scale figures my personal thoughts are it scales up to small and may well get used for smaller armies of maybe my Warhammer figures, this will make it far more impressive.

Dense foam backdrops

Rather than me going through the making of my very basic foam carved walls, if your interested in making your own foam castle walls etc, try this website and see what a professional can do at Scenery and terrain making

Another way as shown elsewhere under ‘taking pictures & dioramas’ is using printed backdrops and ideal for taking pictures.

This is easy with a decent printer easy to do, the images are easy to find on Google images by typing in either stone floor or stone wall.

The picture below shows how it would look before the picture was cropped.

Again this is basic stuff and will get more involved as time goes on, in the mean time if you want to see what can be achieved with a little imagination and see how the professionals do it visit this website blog for more wargames scenery and buildings,

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