Orc’s & Goblins

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Orc’s, or ork’s, whichever you prefer, are one of a race of mythical humanoid creatures, generally described as brutish, aggressive and repulsive, stemming from the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien, where orcs contrast with the benevolent Elvish race. Tolkien developed his idea of the orc from the Old English term orc. In popular culture (including fantasy fiction and fantasy games), they are variously portrayed. Orc facial features tend toward the grotesque (generally a mixture of the ape-like and pig-like), and their skin typically varies from black to grey to green. It may be physically stronger or weaker than humans, but always high in numbers. They often ride boars, wolves, and wargs.

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Being an avid sci-fi and fantasy film buff orc’s and goblins have been used in films for years in one variation of a theme or another including ‘Lord of The Rings’.

Now the following figures I acquired as a job lot from a boot sale so knew very little about them at the time, I am still learning and relatively new to Warhammer, ( I did used to sell quite a bit but only new packs) but have found out about a few of them, any other information is as always welcomed.

The first picture shows one lot and these have been confirmed to be from the game Hero Quest, these were already painted when I got them and must admit done to a very good standard, these are single moulded plastic figures and are part of a larger range.

It seem you can still get hold of these and others from Hero Quest including the complete game set.

The next picture shows another set and have slotted bases, the figures look like they might be one piece although the shields have been glued on.

Again these were already painted to a good standard but my only criticism is the shine on the paint so they either used gloss paint or they have been varnished, great if your handling them all the time but not what I would of done.

Two axe wielding orc’s from the same set

Now these below have been made up of different pieces, have slotted bases and the two on the green bases are metal castings.

The painting is really good, the skull shields have been added because the originals were missing, my favourites so far, again not sure who made them although these are likely to be Games Workshop/Warhammer pieces.

These two came only part painted so will finish them myself once I can find a suitable paint for them

The idea of an Orc army does appeal to me but will likely sell the gloss one’s.

Since I posted the above article I have acquired a large number of Warhammer/wargames miniatures, a few hundred in fact and yet to sort them out, one I found among the many was this fantastic orc chariot.

Very well painted who ever did it, but came to me in pieces so reassembled it, although it took me a while to realise you have to put the boars in place before you superglue the yoke to the chariot, anyway, while I was doing this I also removed the base bars on the boars and they do stand up by themselves, this is how I like my miniatures, no bases.

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